Book Nook Tuesday {Allergy Edition}

Children’s Books are our favorite here in our home. We have a massive collection of children’s books, and are always looking to add more! I have had some amazing book opportunities come out  my way and so Book Nook Tuesday was born!!

The following two children’s books were sent to me for review purposes only, from some amazing authors. 

I never thought I would be an allergy mom. Molly used to eat everything in her sight until she had a horrific reaction to Legumes. Not many people are allergic to Legumes which meant extensive testing (at the age of 3, this is brutal). She is now allergic to chicken and a few other things as well. Speaking of allergies, yesterday we were at a friends house (right down the street) and she was walking through their kitchen and saw a bowl of chips. She ate one, in which I said “What was that” and she said a “SunChip” and two seconds later I hear “mom, my throat”. I looked at that bag and sure enough there was Yellow Peas in them. Luckily it’s was not  a severe reaction, but I gave her Benadryl and took her right to urgent care. Lesson of the day: don’t eat anything without checking the labels and MOM NEEDS to carry the Epi Pen, even if it’s right across the street! 
There are a lot of allergy books out there to get your child to learn more (and yourself) but these two are great! 

Super Dan and Food Allergies is a interactive book. It’s a short story and at the end there is a wonderful wristband set with charms and stickers so you can wear them to show your allergy! It’s so important people know what your allergies are, as well as what to do if you possibly have a reaction. 

The charm and bracelet are super awesome! They are very small so not suitable for kids under the age of three, but this is the perfect way to get your child involved with their own allergies. For younger children you can absolutely put them on shoes, bags and more! 

There is a pouch to store them in as well as put your allergy plan. If you are a parent of a child with allergies you should always have a plan (don’t make a mistake like I did- read story above). Whether it be Benadryl first or use epi-Pen, whoever is with or around your child should be aware. Be proactive! 

The next book is Aiden the WonderKid written by Colleen Brunetti!  This is a wonderfully animated and written story about a little boy Aiden who has a food intolerance but he could NOT be stopped!! Well…except that he got sick a lot! 

 Allergic to many things (milk, wheat and diary) Aiden was sad that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything anymore, which made him not so super. His mom saves the day with new recipes!

I absolutely love the illustration in this story, and the story has such a wonderful meaning. He really could not be stopped although he had special food needs!! 

Being an allergy mom is tough, but it’s important to make your child feel they are still wonderful!! These two books are wonderful! Thank you so much to the amazing Authors that sent them for my Molly! Until the next book nook… Have a great day! 

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