Portal & Portal+ Review: Perfect Mothers Day Gift

*This product was sent to Me For review purposes only. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.*

“Whether you are able to celebrate with your Mom or mother figure, or can’t be with her this year, hands-free video calling with Portal lets you stay connected this Mother’s Day, and every day. With Portal it’s easier to share those everyday moments that strong relationships are built on – it’s like hanging out together even when you are miles away.”

I was absolutely Thrilled to be able to review the Portal+ and gift the Portal to my mom so we can connect through video daily! The portal

Is more of a compact version of the portal+ but both are Equally as amazing. 

With 10-inch and 15.6-inch widescreen HD displays, Smart Camera, Smart Sound, and Amazon Alexa built right in, Portal and Portal+ improve video calling and let you enjoy quality time with Mom — making you feel like you’re actually in the same room together. Through Portal and Portal+ you can:

  • Feel like you’re actually there, with an AI-powered Smart Camera that keeps you in frame as you move around, Smart Sound that picks up your voice wherever you move, and hi-fi speaker. It’s like having your own cinematographer and sound crew direct your personal video calls.
  • Connect more regularly, by seeing when Mom and your loved ones are free to connect. Also connect with Mom and family members as a group — even if they don’t have Portal. Portal supports group calls of up to seven on any Messenger-enabled smartphone or tablet.
  • Feel connected, even when you’re not on a call with Superframe, a smart photo frame that displays your favorite photos and videos on Facebook from you, your friends, and family. You can also see when your closest contacts are available to connect and get birthday reminders.
  • Share rich experiences, such as spending quality time listening to your favorite tunes on Spotify, Pandora or iHeartRadio or watching your favorite shows together. And when it’s time for bed, Portal’sStory Time feature brings bedtime stories to life as augmented reality effects transform your face and voice into the story’s characters before your loved ones very eyes.

I decided to put the Portal+ in my kitchen.
Although it’s super small In there, i feel like I’m
Mostly cooking or cleaning so this was the perfect spot!  Setting it up was super easy! Very self explanatory, and easy for the older generation that isn’t as “techy”. 

The camera quality is great and the sound quality is AMAZING! 

My favorite part is the iheartradio app. I (oddly) don’t have a radio hooked up in my house and I LOVE listening to Music, so This is Perfect. We also have never had Alexa before. How fun! I love asking her about the weather! 

Talking to my mom was my Favorite part. The camera is actually panaramic, so you can see a very wide area (which as you can see the absolutely disaster behind me). I love being able to do stuff around the kitchen yet still talk!! 

You can also call Anyone who has Facebook Messenger! 
The great news is, Through May 12th,
Portal will be available starting at $99, or purchase any bundle of two devices that includes Portal+ and receive $200 off. The promotion is available from portal.facebook.com, Amazon and Best Buy. 

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