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Spring Fun with Green Toys!

Happy Spring (summer some days, winter some days, this weather is insane). I like to garden but DO not have a Green Thumb. AT ALL. I have always wanted to plant some veggies and herbs with my kids but was always nervous to. Green Toys sent me a wonderful Spring box of goodies and *spoiler alert* they are adorable AND growing!!! 

The Sesame Street Abby’s Garden is the most adorable little set, and for only $15.99 on Amazon, it’s the perfect gift for someone! Elmo’s watering can is also adorable, which retails for $11.99! 

If you like Sesame Street and planting, this is a win win! 
My baby boy loves the watering can! My 8 year old does too, so it’s for all ages! 

Abby’s Kit comes with three seed packets, three pots, stickers and an adorable Magic Guide for planting! I just can’t get over how cute this is!! 

I wanted to include the watering can guide as well! Two seed packets were included in that! 

The soil is “freeze dried”. It’s not really, but it seems that way. You add water and let sit and it expands to enough soil to plant. I would suggest letting it sit a bit longer then it says and to use just a tad bit more water. It’s fun watching it expand! I added the water little by little so the cube was covered! It Took about 15 minutes from start to finish. 

The best part, is we have growth! It’s only been a week, and I can’t believe we are seeing growth! My daughter absolutely loves this. We water them every other day so they don’t get too saturated, which is perfect! 

Thank you to Green Toys for sending me these rocking Kits! Go check them out yourself! Stay tuned for some more Green Toys in my Summer Fun Guide! 

*This post is not sponsored. These products were sent to Me for review purposes only* 

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