Juice Plus+ Review!!

It’s never too late to start living your best life.

I use to be pretty unhealthy. As in, I got sick A LOT. I also am super bad at eating certain veggies. Ya know, the good ones. Cue 2015 when my Mom got into the Juice Plus Business. I was hesitant for a long time. She obsessingly told me “I’m telling you, you will feel better- your immune system will be better”. Finally I caved an signed up for shipment… and this shipment (as odd as it sounds) changed my life. 

These pills are Packed with fruits, Vegetables and legumes and are loaded with nutrients such as vitamin A and C, folate and potassium. Also rich in antioxidants they can lower your risk of infection. 

One of the best parts of JuicePlus+ is that when you order pills for yourself, you can enroll a child in the Child Study Program!  With this program,  you are your  children’s sponsor, and they get the same benefits you do, in Gummie form! And get this… ITS FREE! Enroll yourself and get your child’s gummies for free! 

“ Curious about these colorful capsules? Confused? Think they’re amazing? Think it’s a scam? Let me clear some stuff up for you!
* These contain 30+ non-GMO, vine-ripened, fruits & vegetables.
* They do not take the place of eating fruits and veg. They help people bridge the gap. * With natural metabolic programming, they help people begin to crave fruits & veg.
* They are better than organic, they are NSF certified. Organic seal only tests the soil 1x while NSF tests 6-12x. Organic tests for insecticides & pesticides. NSF tests for insecticides, pesticides, radiation, mold & bacteria (which are known neurotoxins – toxic to the brain). Organic allows % of these carcinogens. NSF does not.
* Fruits & veg lose a lot of nutritional content when picked early and shipped long distances, which is why our company waits until they are at their peak ripeness, then within hours removes the water / fiber so all you have left is phytonutrients.
* These help the body detox, which is why you will see amazing testimonials on this stuff. (More energy, clear skin, less bloating to larger testimonials that I’ll let you see for yourself).
* The way they help the body detox is by binding to toxins and helping exrete them. The only way toxins can release from the body is by binding to nutrients first – insert juice plus.
* They are the most researched product in the world. 38 clinical published peer review studies (and counting) in top medical journals around the world. Placebo placed, double blind studies.
* You can only hear of these by word of mouth – it’s a direct sales company (NO, it’s NOT a pyramid scheme!
* Yes, they are safe for kids and even come in a chewable form (that is FREE with any adult order!).
I hope this cleared up some questions people have been having.
It’s an understatement to say these capsules, shakes and omegas has changed many Peoples lives! “
If you’d like more information please contact Lynn at LynnJuicePlus26@gmail.com ! Also
Go Here website HERE! You won’t be sorry you did! 

Juice Plus+

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