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June {life} Review

It is last last day of the busiest month of the year, and I can’t wait to get back to regular schedules programming. I thought it would be fun to show you some fun photos from my month of June! Onto July! 

At the very beginning of June, Evan got baptized! We can had very small, very casual, very non Traditional  Luncheon and he had a small little Christening/Baby Naming ceremony. 

Always have fun in our red car! 

Molly had her dance recital, which was amazing! So much fun, and better yet the kids are just so incredibly talented! Next year she’s going to add a class or two, and we can’t wait to have some more Dance fun and make some More memories. 

A haircut was in order for this girl. I love it short! She looks (and always looks) beautiful. 

Next up was field day! It got cancelled (twice) and then instead of a full half day, it was only a few hours but it was still awesome. I volunteered for the full day and it was great! 

Finally, my baby boy turned one! ONE! I’m not sure how that happened! We had a great day and his party was great as well. 

Yes I made my family wear matching shirts! 😂 

So cute! 

Last up was my daughters 2nd grade picnic. She moves to a different school for grades 3-5, so it was kind of her “moving up day”! 

Her first day of Kindergarten and last day of 2nd grade! Can’t believe how big my girl is getting!! 

…that’s it! Phew! Hope you had a wonderful June. Looking forward to sharing much more in July! Stay tuned for lots of summer fun and Back to School Posts! 

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