Summer worksheets for kids! {Free Printable}

I AM that mom. I make my kids do work over the summer to get them Prepared for the following school year. I don’t go crazy, but three times a week (other then nightly reading) Molly has to do a worksheet of some Sort or a page in her workbook. 

Going into third grade is scary! Not Only For me,  but for the kids. The workload gets larger and it is so different from what we are use to (back in the 1800s-according to Molly). The good news, is there are amazing websites such as  Education.com  that provides over 30,000 games, worksheets and more  to your child! There is an entire database of free printable for you to print for your child! 
Below is a fun worksheet (and answer key-woohoo) PDF for you to print out for your child. Make sure to check out  Education.com for so many more, grades pre school all the way to 5th! 
Also…This year, Education.com is proud to offer $9,000 in prizes as part of their Limitless Learners Contest!

The contest encourages kids in/entering K-5th grade to think creatively about what education means to them and use their art, writing, and language skills to express their ideas. A winner will be chosen from each grade level to receive $500 for college and a free lifetime membership to Education.com for their parent or educator! The winning child can choose to nominate their school or local library to win a $1,000 donation as well! 

To check out the contest details please head over here: https://www.education.com/contests/ !! 

Your kids will love searching for these yummy Summer fruits and veggies and growing their spelling skills too, in this delicious fun word search! Check out their full collection of reading activities at Education.com.

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