Favorite Things {1 year old edition}

My baby turned one! How did that even happen? This year flew by. I thought it would be fun to share what his (and some of my) favorite things have been for the past month or so! 

Baby Brezza Transition Cup : Alright. I have a love/hate relationship with Baby Brezza. When he was born was loved the Formula dispenser they make. I started disliking it when it started not measuring the formula right and I finally just went to old fashion route! However, this transition cup is amazing. When I returned the formula pro, they were kind enough to replace with other items (GREAT customer service). I saved these cups until he was about 6 months, and now he loves drinking his water out of them. He loves straw cups as well, but I would say this is his favorite! 

Happy Baby Yogis: His favorite snack!! These are yummy and dissolve in his mouth, so you don’t have to worry about choking (although now he eats all table food with us)! 

Finger Puppet Book: I am lucky Evan loves to look at books. He loves a good sensory book, but he’s into the finger puppet books right now. We have a bunch (Old Macdonald, Huggle Buggle Bear, and more) These are fun, and I love board books!! 

Target Rompers: We are going On a short vacation this summer but we are mostly home, which mean I usually have him in something comfortable. Most of the time it’s just a onesie, but these rompers from Target are just as good!  He got these as a birthday present and have gotten SO much use already! 

Little People Airplane : He LOVES this! It’s fun, interactive and he just adores the little people. He got quite a few sets for his birthday! They are so much fun! 

John Deer Play Mat & Go Grippers: He got this for Christmas but didn’t really LOVE it until the last month. We have the little Go Grippers Cars as well. So much fun! 

Little Times Soft Sports Balls: A friend of mine got him a bunch of sports stuff! So much fun. These are huge hit. They are super soft and won’t hurt when you throw them! He loves to toss them around! 

I hope you enjoyed our favorites for this month! I’ll be back at the end of summer with some more! What are your favorites for this age? 

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