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Embrace It…

Being a stay at home mom is HARD. 

Being a working mom is HARD. 

Motherhood is HARD. 

Most people tend to think “You chose to be a mom, suck it up” but honestly sometimes it is overwhelming. Sometimes it is HARD. 

Having gone through toddlerhood and being over that hump, then 7 years later doing it again….It is HARD. 

Not being able to sit and chat with friends, skipping out on events I would like to attend, staying up late to watch a movie but instead deciding to go to sleep at 8pm because my little guy gets up at 5am. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love it. I love being a mom. Those hugs, those cuddles, the “mama’s”, the kisses… but it’s HARD. 

Having gone through this stage of life… I also know it goes by QUICK. It goes by like a flash of light. So I am choosing to EMBRACE the craziness. I am choosing to EMBRACE the utter stress I have. I am choosing to EMBRACE this stage of toddlerhood. I’m here to let all the mama’s in this stage know. It goes by FAST. 


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