July Favorites: 8 year old edition

by - 7:36 AM

I thought it would be fun to do a July Favorites, but instead of mama’s favorites- I would let Molly choose her favorites and we would share! She is going away for the week, so we are posting now (although I can not believe it’s almost August)! 

Nickelodeon Slime: Slime... good ol’ slime. Is it on your couch? Your floor? Your hair? Remember, this is Molly’s Favorites not mine! Haha. Actually, Slime is fantastic, it’s just a MESS!! All in all, we make our own and we also buy pre made! Try it, you’ll thank me. 😉

Squashmallow Stuffed Animal : Have you ever seen a Squahmallow? These stuffed animals are the cutest! We have so many stuffed animals, but I can handle these. They come in all sizes and characters. They truly are adorable, and Molly loves them! 

KEVA Cutouts : We received these from MindWare toys are love them. They sent us a toddler version as well. These are just regular wooden cutout blocks but you can make a ton of things with them! They are similar to Lincoln Logs although they aren’t logs. So much fun, and are a huge hit! 

Poopsie Slime & Glitter Surprise : More Slime... and glitter...but it is a favorite. Poopsie’s are super popular right now. You make your own slime, but this poopsie has a unircorn horn in which there is glitter inside. It is a mess, and there’s glitter all over my house from a week ago- but fun! 

Justice Bathing Suit : I wanted her to add one thing that wasn’t a toy. She absolutely loves Justice, so she chose a bathing suit. Fitting as she’s leaving for Cape Cod tomorrow for a week! We can’t wait to shop for back to school at Justice! 

I think Molly did a great job for her first Favorites!! What are your kids favorites this month? 

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