Back to School Essentials: For Parents!

Back to School is such an insane time of year,
Especially for us parents . There a few essentials that get us through the first couple weeks/months. I thought it would be fun to start Back to School week off with a post for us MOMS/PARENTS. Everything from Vitamins, Planners and more! 
Command Center: I will be doing a separate blog post on my command center. Two years ago, I never thought I would need one of these. Now having two children- one in elementary school. It is a MUST. I have two, one walking into my front door and one in my kitchen area. Come back tomorrow for more!! 

Elderberry Syrup-Thrive Market: THIS. We managed to not get the stomach bug last school year and I’m completely convinced this is why. Every night before bed we take our Elderberry. It’s SO rich in nutrients and I buy mine right on Thrive Market! It’s very affordable! 

Maybe I am a Germ freak? I keep these in my car, in my purses, in my back pocket! Okay I don’t really have them in my pocket- but I can’t say enough about these wet ones wipes! I know they are the “healthiest” or “cleanest” but I’m okay with that. 

A Planner! I am an Erin Condren  lover but this year I decided not to spend the money and to work a simplistic way. Seriously, you don’t have to have fancy planners to get organized! You can even print a calendar out online and put it in a binder. I find that a smaller planner works best. I stick it in my pocketbook and I not only have what’s going on with me at all times, it’s also in my command center. I am NOT and online/phone planner. I like to have a good ol” pen and paper! 

Lastly… to save some money from stopping at a Dunkin’ Donuts every day, my Keurig  I love my one cup stop every morning! 
I hope you enjoyed MY back to school essentials. Come back tomorrow for my post on my Command Center! You won’t want to miss it!! 
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