Back to School Fun With MindWare

If you have not heard of MindWare, you should really

Hop, skip, Jump over to their website. They have absolutely amazing toys perfect for not only fun but they are educational too! MindWare is always so kind to stuff our way, and I was thrilled to receive an awesome package of goodies for some Back to School fun! 

All of the above are amazing and my kids are thoroughly enjoying each of them! They are perfect for fun but also are super educational. Perfect for my homeschool moms, or even just to keep the teaching alive on the weekends! 

KEVA Cutouts: I had never heard of these but yes, yes, yes! These KEVA cutouts are super awesome and provide hours of fun! Build building, statues and more! My 8 year old loves them, and I’m sure yours will too! 

KEVA Junior: Another Big yes in my book! These are for young children ages 8 months and up. They are thick and very heavy and my toddler loves them! Right now he doesn’t build with them but he likes to stack them up and knock them down! They are fun colors as well! 
Acorn Soup: Such a fun game! I love this for young Children, which they can practice their math skills!

Imagination Magnets : These Imagination Magnets are awesome. These are perfect for any age above 3, and you can truly make anything! My daughter who is 8 loves them. Head over to my Instagram stories to see her unboxing!!! 

Thank you so much to MindWare for sending us these goodies! For all my homeschool mama’s, these are amazing! 
*Mindware sent these toys to me for review purposes only. This is not a sponsored post. May contain affiliate links*

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