Command Centers: Back to School & Home

Command Centers. This was totally off my radar until I watched Kimmie from She’s In Her Apron on YouTube. If you haven’t watched her, you should. She’s got the best personality but she also has brilliant ideas. She spoke about how having a command center in her home was SO important and I thought to myself “maybe I should try one,” and it seriously changed my life. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it did! 

Here is my “School” command center. I reason I quote school, is because I put things here (it’s empty now because we are getting ready for the new year) for Molly. Her upcoming Chorus schedule, her special days (when she has gym etc). I also hang important notices that need to be seen for HER here. As in “This projust is due today”. This is mostly her area, so when she grabs her coat and shoes (and her backpack is usually hanging here as well) she sees her reminders. I did this back when she was in Kindergarten (she’s now entering 3rd) and it’s been amazing. 

This is our main command center which is in our kitchen. This door leads to the basement (which is where our laundry is) and is very centralized in our house. This has our calendar for ME and then the calendar below (the dry erase) is for Molly. I know it seems silly, because usually she writes what I have on my calendar on her’s but I think it’s important for her organizational skills. She is very unorganized and this is helping her greatly!! 

Command centers vary for everyone! Some command centers are larger because you have more children and some people don’t need them at all. If I had a bigger kitchen, mine may be a bit bigger as well. I do want to make a few changes to mine as the school year progresses (as in chores etc), but for now this is what works. 
Do you have a command center? I would absolutely LOVE to hear how yours works!! 

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