Book Bag Favorites!

Book Bags. The big question is, do you purchase a new book bag for your children every year, or do they reuse them? I tend to buy one yearly. That’s I

How I grew up and when they are young they tend to change preferences a bit more then when they get older (at least Molly does). 
This year we went with two backpacks. Yes two. The first is

our Lands End BackPack

We received this product for review purposes and love them. They even sent Evan a backpack which he will eventually use as well. Lands End has the BEST return policy by far. It doesn’t matter how old the backpack is, or how it broke, they will replace it. I mean, How awesome is that!! We received the large back pack in Navy/Pink for Molly and the small backpack in flint rock monsters for Evan! These are currently on sale now!  Make sure to go check them out! 
The second backpack collection we chose was Justice. I picked these up myself a few weeks ago when they were having a deal. You could get the whole collection (backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, pencil case) for only $40! I hopped right on that! Since the 

backpack was $29 alone, this was a steal! 

We got the “M” for Molly. I didn’t unwrap these yet because I don’t want them to get ruined, but she’s one happy camper! We love Justice! 

So, how’s your backpack game going? 😊

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