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Gel Pens, Felt Tip Pens, Pencils, Oh My!!

One thing when you think of back to school is Pens and Pencils!

I absolutely love a good Pen as well as a good pencil. Being a teacher, really has me hooked on this every year. What pencils are great and which ones aren’t? Pens are important, but they are also fun and gel pens are the best! 

I am so grateful to have  been sent some great pencils by USA GOLD and some amazing gel and felt tip pens by Scribble Stuff (available at Walmart). Not only are they teacher recommended, but they really are great quality. 


USA GOLD PENCILS are made right here in America! They are manufactured in a factory that has operated in Lewisburg, Tennessee for 57 years. Families can support American jobs when they buy USA Gold pencils for back-to-school this season. The USA Gold pencil brand is even teacher recommends! Yes!! 
For more information visit: usagoldpencils.com

Scribble Stuff has a variety of creative writing alternatives for tweens/teens compared to classic pen brands. The packaging is newly rebranded to convey a fun, bold, and whimsical statement!

The Scribble Stuff line is popular from the variety of gel pen inks: metallic, neon and glitter colors are perfect for any creative activity. The super-stylish, on trend palettes come in a variety of pack sizes and price points that encourage self-expression and doodling through drawing and coloring.
For 2019, it’s all about the Scribble Stuff 25 piece all in one Writing Kit. Everything you need for writing, drawing, erasing or highlighting is in one box.  
My daughter is so excited to use these. She loves to journal, and LOVES to draw. Theses are amazingly perfect! 
Enjoy these products and more from Scribble stuff and USA gold from Walmart for back to school!!
*I received these products for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.* 

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