Don’t Forget It

Last night was rough. I had been alone with the kids for quite some time and I had, had it. The whining, the crying, the attitude, the climbing, the mess…. but then I looked down at my sleeping baby’s that were both in my bed. 
“Don’t forget it…” I thought. 
Don’t forget about the whining and crying, even when your head hurts. 
Don’t forget the climbing, even when he falls. 
Don’t forget the attitude when I know she’s just tired and stressed out from the long day of school and Dance. 
Don’t forget about the mess, even when you want to throw every single toy in a garbage bag. 
Don’t forget it….
Someday the house will be silent. Someday my decorations will be out again and no one will be touching them. Someday she will drive herself to school and dance and someday, the house will be clean.
 I will Miss it. I will miss every second of the madness. 
So my advice to you Mama’s…. 
Don’t forget it.

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