Holiday Gift Guide:Slime Time

Slime! The best word to children, yet the worst word to adults! I actually don’t mind it as much as others (except when it sticks to my couch)! Molly is my slime queen, and was thrilled to receive some slime and putty products from Some Amazing companies! Below are Her favorite, and perfect for your stocking stuffers or gifts for all! 

First up we have Putty Scents Cloud Putty from MindWare. MindWAre is one of our favorite stores. We have received multiple items from MindWare but have also purchased from them tons as well. It’s my favorite place to get presents for kids of all ages! 

Putty Scents Cloud Putty

We also received their regular putty scents  which come in packs of three! These are PERFECT stocking stuffers! Take them out and give as gifts or stick one whole set in for your child! The stretch and scent on these are amazing! The holiday scents come in packs of three and include gingerbread and peppermint ($10.95)!! 


Molly’s favorite was the Cloud Putty. The stretch is fantastic and it’s very light and airy! 

Next up: 

Aroma Putty: I had NO idea Aroma Putty was made by Crayola, but it sure is! This fun putty comes in a ton of different scents and is the best putty we have found around. If you don’t know, putty is a bit more solid then slime! The scents are super strong, but not over bearing! 

All wrapped up and ready to roll! 

Molly couldn’t wait until Christmas, and had saved a ton of money, so we purchased this!! Kawaii Slime Company truly Does make the cutest, best slime!! Stay tuned for more on this, but if your looking for a fun slime-tastic stocking stuffer, you know where to find it!! 

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