Kiri: The Screen less Smart Toy!

When it comes to tech toys, it’s hard to find ones that are educational, engaging AND screen-free! The team behind Kiri took their love for the original teaching wooden blocks that many of us grew up with, and made it a little smarter. With Kiri, kids can have fun learning about colors, numbers, shapes, animals and more in 3 different languages! Kiri is the first of its kind screen less  educational smart toy on the market!! 

Kiri allows your child to learn and practice languages, from the basic advanced levels. Kiri comes with English, Spanish,and Mandarin Chinese already built in.   

Each tile pack supports all 3 languages! Through play, your child will learn skills such as counting, animals and basic phrases in 3+ languages! 

Why parents love Kiri:

  • Completely screen-free!
  • Montessori-friendly
  • Uses sound, touch, and repetition for hands-on learning
  • Teaches skills like counting, animals, sounds, and more
  • Teaches second languages in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese
  • Made with natural and sustainable materials
  • Designed to grow alongside your child from ages 1-6 and beyond
  • Helps meet speech therapy goals
  • Optional monthly subscription for further tile packs


Once they hit their stretch goal of $50K ALL backers will receive an additional free month of subscription for 3 in total!


So head over HERE to their kickstarter campaign! 

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