Top 5 tips for organization

A new year. What does that mean? For sure, it means getting organized right? I am ALWAYS  trying to get myself organized, especially with a toddler. I find there are toys everywhere, clothes everywhere, everything everywhere! So, here are my top 5 organizational tips for 2020! 

Tip One: 
First thing first…throw things out! I am a huge believer in throwing things out. Donating things. Etc. You have to make room for the new, so out with the old! 
Tip Two:  
If you haven’t used it in 6 months, put it in a box. If you don’t reach for it for one whole month, it’s either getting donated or thrown  Away! This method has been a life saver for me. Legit, life saver! I can’t tell you how Many things I have donated because of this! 
Tip Three: 
Put everything is separate containers to start. Then you have an idea of what you have and where things need to go. Do not go out and buy all the storage things yet. You have to take inventory and see where you want to place things. 
Tip Four: 
For the kids, I purchase inexpensive storage bins, like the ones below. This is because I know in a year or two, they are going to crack or get ruined. Don’t get me wrong, I have purchased expensive containers and bins, but to me it’s not worth it. The containers below don’t have lids, and are $3-$6 at Target. I even use these to separate socks and underwear in Molly’s dresser! They come in a few Different shapes and sizes! 

Tip Five: 

Keep up with it throughout the year. This is my biggest downfall. I never ever keep up with it, and then by the beginning of the year it’s a massive disaster! I need to start making sure I go through things every month or two! So important! 
I hope these helped! And I wish you an organized 2020!! 

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