Potty Training Fun!

First and foremost, I hope everyone is well and healthy. It has been quite a rough few months, and I didn’t feel compelled to come on and write- however, my little boy is turning 2, and is Potty Training and I thought it would be fun to share some things we have been doing! 

As most of know you, I also have a 9 year old girl. I truly don’t remember potty training her because she just did it herself! She just decided one day she didn’t want diapers on and that was that. I’m finding it’s a bit more challenging with Evan, but he’s only 2- so we will get there!! 
We were gifted this awesome potty from The First Years called The Super Pooper. This adorable (I meanAdorable) potty has a squatty potty attachment as well as a flush button!! Evan loves this potty! LovesIt! The seat comes Off as Well for easy washing and you can put it on Your regular toilet! 
While we are “going” we like to read”,P Is For Potty a Sesame Street lift a Flap Book!! We loveThis book on and Off the Potty!  
Right now, we are just using pull ups. He hasn’t gotten used to underwear and I’m not pushing it!! 
I -think- we are getting the hang of it!! Do you have any potty tips?? 

I can’t wait to continue sharing!! I truly hope everyone is doing well. 

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