Change! Home renovations!

by - 9:31 PM

We are super lucky to have a mother in law that has a condo on the Beach in Cape Cod! Molly has been there for a week and a half now (doing remote learning there as well) and I decided to do a Thing... Is anyone like me and every couple months you need a change... like furniture or a room? Well, I decided to move the kids rooms- as in... switch them. 

This meant not only moving a ton of stuff and cleaning and going through- but, painting as well. I used some old paint we had (not too old) and painted two of Molly’s walls purple! Purple and gray actually look good together! Evans room is gray with in wall a darker gray!

I absolutely love doing this every once in a while, not only because it’s fun (okay, well maybe while I’m doing it, it isn’t fun) but I love to do a deep clean on their rooms. My daughter is 9- it was a mess!! 

Here are the finished products:

Molly’s room definitely was the most work. I threw away 4 huge garbage bags of trash- but a good clean out was worth it. It looks fantastic. I think she’s going to love it!!

Evans room was a bit easier because he’s little (and he sleeps with us...), but I got them both new duvet covers! 

As this was happening, our fridge broke as well... so here’s a before and after of one kitchen wall.

It’s such a weird space! Our kitchen is SO tiny, but I manage to make it feel like a cute space!!

It has been a busy week! Phew!  Do you enjoy home Reno’s? 

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