Best Birthday Gifts for 2 year olds

Happy July! First of all how is it July already and how is My baby two!!?  I am always searching for gifts for kids, and I thought it would be fun to share Evans favorite toys he received for his birthday! His second party (we are having two this year due to Covid, so it stays small) is this weekend- but I wanted to share what we have had so far!! 

A garbage truck!! Guys, I didn’t even know that Battat made these!! A friend of mine got this for him, and it’s BY far his favorite! Not only are garbage trucks his favorite but this is adorable!! It comes with two garbage cans and you can actually put the garbage in the back.

I love Battat, but now I love it even more!!! (Don’t mind the Mess in the above photo)! 

Another thing we bought for him was the 

Little People Construction Site

I found this a bit less expensive on Kohl’s! It’s SO cute! We are a huge Fisher Price Little People family so this Addition was perfect! 
His big gift was a sandbox. I wanted a decent size wooden sandbox, and I did my research and came Up with this one from 


We love the quality but for $125 I did expect a better cover! So far he absolutely loves it! 

I hope these very few gifts help!! I will add more as we go!! I’ll need some ideas for Christmas this year too!!!

Happy Birthday Ev!! 

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