Back “In” School Series: Magformers TileBlox

Welcome back to our Back “In” School Series. School is so bizarre this year, and as much as I miss the “normal” I also oddly love Molly being home! Our “official” start to school is this Thursday, but having worry about schooling I got her a tutor. During her tutor time, I like to get a Evan (who is only 2) involved with some small activity!

Magformers have come to the rescue! We absolutely love these! I sit with Evan while Molly learns and we build. I will do this while she is “in class” and do this as well! We are so lucky to of been sent the Magformer, TileBlox set!

“ Discover the endless possibilities of Tileblox 20Pc set. With the step-by-step idea sheet, create one-of-a-kind masterpieces! A great set for beginner builders looking to explore and learn through play. Arrives with 8 Triangles and 12 Square in Rainbow colors. Each geometric shape contains magnets that let you build with endless possibilities! TileBlox is perfect for STEM education and when playtime is over, use the magnetic power to simply stack and store. Ages 3+”

Of course, Evan is only 2 but I sit with him and play. We have build houses and castles into squares and triangles. It’s so good for him to learn his colors, shapes, and patterns!!

I know what I will be getting him for Christmas! We love them!! Perfect STEM toy for your littles, and bigs!

**This post is not sponsored. This product was provided to me for free by Magformers. All opinions are my own.**

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