Family Fun with Big G Creative!

It’s been a rough few months for everyone, but I have truly decided that every weekend we must have a family game night. Some games are geared towards Evan, and some we wait until he goes to sleep!!

From Big G Creative, creators of the most fun games for all ages, the new Who’s the G.O.A.T.? game for ages eight and up, lets family and friends learn about each other’s hidden talents with a game that comes with six irresistibly squishy foam goats – do we need to say more?

One-part prediction, one-part competition, and all parts fun, Who’s the G.O.A. T? asks players to pick which competitor they think will be the best at a challenge, then vote by tossing a squishy goat at them. Challenge cards test players’ physical talents such as walking on your knees and doing cartwheels or playing hacky sack or bowling with the little squishy goats, and verbal or written tasks such as writing the most flavors of ice cream.

The three-inch squishy goats are perfectly satisfying to smash in your hand, making the game extra tactile and fun. Of course, Molly wanted to take these to use for her squishy collection… no way!!

This game not only kept us busy, but we spent time together as a family and best of all we laughed!!! That’s what is most important to me these days!!

Available at Target and other retailers now!

Another game that just came out (that we haven’t tried yet), is Mega Mouth! I can’t wait to play! I’m sure laughing is a staple with this game!!

Mega Mouth: The Game of Reading Lips, the hysterical family party game bursting with memorable moments and loads of laughter. Complete with two mega mouth magnifiers, the whole family will enjoy this comical competition of reading lips. 

Players divide into teams, draw a category card, hold the mega-magnifier up to their mouth, and silently speak to their teammates. No talking allowed! The combination of a massive mouth mixed with players’ humorous guesses will lead to an uproarious good time. 

During each round, the “mouther” will mouth words and phrases—while the other team members are the lip readers. Scoring tokens are awarded for every correct answer, and the first team to collect twenty-one tokens wins.

Available now at Target! Perfect for holiday gifts for the game lover!

*Thank you to BigG Creative for sending us this game. This post is not sponsored, however we got this game for review purposes. All opinions are my own.**

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