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This week I'm saying SO WHAT If...

- I am obsessing over buying clothes for my best friends new baby girl! Who can resist a little girl outfit ...and who else is going to buy her wardrobe other then me and her sister!! ;)

-I love Glee...Maybe more then a teenager does.

- I forgot to cancel my subscribe and save and we have more toilet paper then we will ever need!

-I am really into my new blog and subscription box reviews. My husband has been making fun of me daily for the past week!

-I have forgot that it is St. Patricks Day probably every year since I got Married (that is when I stopped participating in our local pub crawl, those were some crazy days!)

-If I am counting months until we are planning to go to Disney World again!! Only 18 Months (Yes I am insane!)

What are you saying SO WHAT this week!?

Alena xo

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  1. OMG we are going in 26 days!!!!!!!!! i booked 46 days out :) still can't get dinner at BoG but whatevs.

    1. I cant even tell you how much I love Disney. I was reading your blog, and how stinking cute is it that you are surprising your children! I just LOVE that!! Have so much fun! :)