Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts...

~ I posted my 13 goals in 2013 this morning ( a few months late, i know), and I hope I can manage to do them all. They really are simple and realistic but getting organized may be tough! Maybe I just like to make excuses... :)

~ I need to finish Easter shopping. The Easter Bunny has to make an appearance this year since Molly is old enough to (kind of) get it. I also kind of wish that the Easter bunny would be me a basket ( I drive my husband crazy when I say this. He usually says "Alena, seriously your 27.")

~ I have baby fever... I wish my best friend Megan would be further along because I think once I hold her little on it'll go away (I hope!!)

~ I'm not sure if anyone reads my blog, but I have SO many girls clothes I'd like to give away. They are lightly used. Should I do e-bay, thread up? I don't know if its worth it??

~ GLEE is on tonight! Hooray! Its pretty much the only show i consistently watch on TV, and I'm oh so excited!!

~ Starting my blog I really wanted to make sure I made it my own, but focus on reviewing products. I went a little crazy with these addictive subscription boxes (not realizing I would fall in love with some of them.) I have probably 9-10 more boxes coming in the next 3 weeks or so. I will not keep all of these, but when i realized how many I actually ordered I almost had a panic attack!! I also keep seeing other ones I want to try-HELP!

What are you thoughts today!?

Alena xo

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  1. I sell some of my boys clothes in small lots on ebay. I always get a good $$ for them. It is crazy to me how much people will spend on their clothes. Good luck selling.
    Kim from TeXas

  2. Try selling the girl clothes! I know lots of people need them & need them for cheaper than what they can get at the store! Absolutely LOVE Glee! Wish we had tv at my house so we could watch it! Maybe I'll make my parents record it for me!


  3. That's the problem with the boxes. It gets expensive!! I'd get them all if I could though.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. GLEE is the best! Probably the only show I keep up with. I can't wait for tonight. Blaine and Sam?!! omg!

  5. My first bag to ThredUp is processing. Review soon, I hope! Easy, that's for sure!