What Im Loving Wednesday.

by - 8:58 AM

I'm linking up with This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday! HAPPY SPRING!

I'm in love with this dog.. I already have a Golden Retriever! This is a Golden Dachshund. I just think it so so ridiculously cute. I need it, NOW!
Yup. These are probably the best chips ever. I ordered a whole box on Amazon. How come I did not know about these before!!
I received my first Nature Box yesterday, and yup I'm loving it!! I can not stand how yummy their stuff is! I don't think I will be leaving their monthly subscription anytime soon! 

Coffee! I think I have a caffeine issue. Seriously. 

What are you loving today!? :)

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  1. The dog is adorable!! I see why you want it!

    What are popchips?

    I'm loving that snow is finally melting!