Thursday Thoughts!

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It's time for Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. Go check her out, she's great!

-Why can't I ever find the matching sock? It could be my sock, Mikes sock, even Molly's sock, any ones and I can not find it! I have these homeless socks all over the place. The pile is getting larger! Where in the world do they go!? Does anyone else have this problem? 

-I am disgusted with this weather. It was 80 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday and today its 50. I'm freezing!! 

-A new GLEE is on tonight! Hooray! 

-I just purchased the BirchBox Home Limited Edition Box. Yes, I had to. Whenever they put HOME in the title I have to buy it. If there is a candle inside the box, I have to buy it! I have issues! 

-I need to pick 4 subscription boxes I want to keep, and go with them. I HAVE to cancel some of these!! Ha-Ha! 

-I really want to get my craft on! Make a cute little wreath or something like that. I always feel like I am so super crafty and then I realize I am not that great. 

-I'm thinking about selling Thirty One, or something like that. I actually use to sell Pampered Chef. I really enjoyed doing it, but It got to be too much to upkeep because I was not getting any parties or sales. Was even thinking possibly Avon? Does anyone have any suggestions?

-I lose my phone 7 times a day. I almost have an anxiety attack because I can not find it, and when I do find it, its somewhere I put it (which means I blame someone else for hiding it on me.) I NEED a technology brake. I am much to obsessed! 

Have a wonderful Thursday! 

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  1. Hi,
    I feel like you with the socks and the subscription box problem. I have been pushing the candle addiction down deep but it keeps rearing its ugly head. I can feel it bubbling up...UGH.

    I was just looking for something to start selling like you and I just joined origami owl a week ago. You can take a look at my website I just got it up I used to sell Southern Living at home but now I think it is called something else.

    I liked this one because I like the necklace and all the charms and I needed something else to do that was easy. They have a good incentive program and I don't have to haul a lot of product. Let me know what you think? If you are interested contact me and I can answer any questions.

    Stopping by from the blog link up
    Kim from

  2. I am known as the crafty mom at school, don't ask me why because I am pretty sure I am not. I do scrapbook, and I enjoy it but somehow everyone thinks I am Martha Stewart now. Trust me, I am NOT!!! Someone asked me a sewing question the other day, and looked surprised when I told them I don't sew. LOl....I guess if you can do one thing, they think you are the Martha Stewart of crafting!!!!

  3. Oh I am so with you on the phone thing. Why does that little sucker like to hide from me????

    I sell Tupperware and Stella & Dot, but don't have in-home parties. I like them both!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. lol it's soooo hard to cancel subscription boxes! WHY are they so darn addictive?

  5. I think we get 6 subscription boxes. My friend sells 31 and does really well with it!!