My May Favorite Things!

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I loved my April Favorite things so much, I decided to do my May favorite things!! I decided to do it all in one this month (Instead of separating them into mommy and kids.) I did not have many kids favorite things this month!! Maybe next month will be better on that end because it'll start my summer time favorite things!! I can not believe its already the end of May. 

-Method Squirt & Mop wood floors: I LOVE this product! Mike actually got me some for Christmas (That may sound weird but I asked for a basket of cleaning supplies-haha) and I love it! It not only smells really good (Like almonds) but it works really well. I feel like my floors are really getting clean!

-Downy UnStoppables: I LOVE these. I have actually never really used any sort of scented detergent, but Mikes job gets his clothes really dirty. Not that this cleans them, but I feel like if it smells good its cleaner? haha!
-Choosing Glee: Yup, I'm not even ashamed to say it, I love this book. It is totally a teenage book, but I love Glee!! 
-These pink bins were 19 cents in Target! I'm not sure what I will use these for, but they will be used for something. 
-This popcorn is my absolute favorite ever. It was in one of the goodies co. boxes, and I found it at Target, and it was on Clearance (score!)

- Bees Lip Gloss: I LOVE this lip gloss. It super sheer, and It is not sticky. Love it! I think I got this is my Allure Summer Beauty box.
-Degree Deodorant: I had to add this. I usually use Dove, but I love this deodorant a thousand times more! I feel like I'm more protected. 
- Neutrogena oil free moisturizer: I have been putting this on, every morning and every night! Love it! I got this is my Allure Summer Beauty Box.
-Neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser: I use this every day in the shower. I also got this in my Allure Summer Beauty box. 

This is one of my only May Favorites for Kids. We had a slow month around here with kids items! Just trying to finish and use everything up! This is Pout-Pout fish. My mother in law bought this for Molly. She absolutely loves the books, its so adorable! It's a kohls 5.00 deal! 

I'll be back soon with my "Try it June!" Have a wonderful rest of May! 

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  1. I've been wanting to try the Burt's Bee's lip gloss and other lip products!

    Hello from the blog hop!
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. The kids book looks cute, I'll have to look at it next time for Mackenzie. I just switched to Degree deo too and love it much more than Dove!