So What Wednesday!

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Rabbit Rabbit! Happy May!!!I'm linking up once again with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" for...

This week I'm saying So What...

-If i can not believe its freakin' May already! Is it sick, that I thought about how this only means there's 6 months until Christmas? Wait... This is sick, never mind!! 

-If ALL I want to eat is ice cream.. I'm not pregnant, I'm not PMSing, So why in the world is this happening?? I'm serious, all i want is Ice cream!!

-If I am having Target with drawls, because I'm on a budget. I have been sticking to my plan for the past week and a half, and have been doing pretty well.. I love to go and look around and catch a good deal.. But honestly I don't need the items.. So this is a good thing! Weed out the old!!! 

-If I'm nervous to bring Molly back to Mommy and Me because I'm scared she's going to be inconsolable again. Ugh, being a mom is hard!! 

-If I'm a bit obsessed with Thirty-One. This is good because I'm selling it right?? Check it out, the stuff is awesome!

-If I can not get enough of the caddy girls on The Real Housewives! Is this normal that I enjoy this so much?? 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!! 

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  1. Oh how I love Target. How do you resist?? I guess I won't tell you about all the adorable things I found there last week :) Best of luck!!

  2. I have to go to Target after L gets out of school and now you are making me want to buy ice cream there!!!

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