Happy June!

by - 2:32 PM

Happy June & Holy Heat! Its about 92 degrees in NY, and scorching! I know, I know "Its summer, its suppose to be hot!" but I'm far from ready for this madness!! 

Molly and I are hanging out in the AC this afternoon, not doing much (and yes I should be doing a ton!) Just wanted to give you a few reminders! 

*Go ENTER my thank you giveaway! I mean really, who doesn't love a good giveaway?
*Don't forget to come link up with us Tuesday for Talk to me Tuesday! Tell me how it's going, how your feeling, how RHOC was Monday night, Anything!!!
**It's JUNE, which means for every 35.00 you spend through Thirty-One, you get a LARGE utility tote for only 10.00! Holy Crap, what a deal!! Check out my site: HERE. By the way, this cute little sandal pattern tote (in the left corner of the picture) is only available this month-so go, order!! Oh, and if you book a party for this month (yes, an online party-super easy and you get free stuff!) I will give you an extra 20.00, yes 20.00 worth of free product!!! Tell your friends, tell your family, buy yourself something fun!! 

Have a wonderful day, and stay cool!!! 

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  1. Allright, all I hear about is these totes. Perhaps I need one??